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The Electronic Journal of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Practices
 is an online open access journal that aims to publish articles and papers that contribute to the development of theory and practice in the field of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  It incorporates the Entrepreneurial Practice Review, launched in 2011.

It is currently published bi-annually with a general issue and a special issue. The general issue contains papers submitted in response to a call for papers. These papers are reviewed by the Editor and those selected for inclusion are submitted to a double-blind peer review by members of the Editorial board. On the basis of these reviews, the Editor then either:

  1. Accepts the paper for publication with no changes
  2. Accepts the paper for publication with only minor, editorial changes
  3. Accepts the paper for publication provided it is amended in line with the reviewers comments
  4. Recommends a more major re-write and offers the chance to resubmit for consideration in another issue
  5. Rejects the paper as unsuitable for publication
  6. In all instances, reviewers’ comments are passed to the authors.

The special issue contains papers selected from the European and International Conferences on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The papers are selected from those nominated by:

  • Session chairs at the conference
  • Delegates to the conference
  • Members of the Editorial board

The final selection is made by the Editor, with assistance from the Editorial board. These papers have already been reviewed for the conference and are not subjected to additional review, unless substantial changes are requested by the Editor or an additional review is requested by the author(s).

The journal also publishes book and conference reviews and these are welcomed at any time.

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